Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cancer horoscope 2013

Cancer love horoscope 2013, cancer money horoscope 2013.
Cancer are running out of time in 2013 and therefore will not get anything right. Special attention must be living with partners who will not indulge the lack of home cooling. They should be more affectionate with others for the planet that will govern the year 2013, Uranus, more conflicts will occur in the family and even at work.
Money is the strength of the poor, but no matter how they win this year, will be unable to fully pay the debt of previous years. The best months are June, July and August, when lobsters are favored by the month-Neptune conjunction and are more likely to win easy money. Since November everything will start to decay and the problems will be exacerbated in late December 2013.
Health is good in the first months, but must pay attention to the disease season. In August and September are possible accidents in the workplace. For those born between 1968 and 1978 is good to do a thorough check and should be avoided in hot alcohol.
Chapter love is modest due to lack of time but does not give any interseul Cancer. If your partner will need to know that leaving is their fault.
Special attention should be given to poor children, they are affected by the planet Uranus is conjunct with the moon and predispose children to violent acts. Children must not let too much time watching television.

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